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Blue & Baleen whales were first spotted along the southern coast of Sri Lanka off Dondra in 2007.

These majestic creatures biggest on the planet could grow upto 25 metres in length & the whales found in Sri Lankan waters among the highest in the world.

The margins of the continental shelf, where the ocean’s floor drops away to create the true deep sea (at Dondra) tend to be rich in feeding possibilities for the traveling whales.

Tours are conducted from Mirissa Harbour in sea-going vessels carrying upto twenty visitors at a time. A tour lasts 03 – 07 hrs depending on sea & weather conditions.

According to researches best time to spot whales is from Jan – Apr as the migratory whales pass Dondra looking for colder waters during this time. Visitors are advised to keep a safe distance of at least 50m away from the animals also not to drive the boat to block the animal’s path.

Cetacean species can be seen: Bryde’s Whale, Dwarf Sperm Whale, unidentified Beaked Whale, Spinner Dolphin, Striped Dolphin and Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin.

A minimum of 02 pax required for a whale watching tour. Whale watching in the Southern Coast is from : Nov – Mar.

Personal effects for Warm/Windy/Rainy conditions should be carried by clients.
Sunburn lotion etc. is recommended.