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Tours >> Ramayana Trail
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Ramayana Trail
The hottest trail for Indian Devotees
Ramayana, the epic poem written by Valmiki, 2000 years is closely linked with Lanka, ancient name of Sri Lanka. Many researchers, archeologists & intellectuals have studied and visited identified 50 sites connected with Ramayana in Sri Lanka.
Weragantota – @ Mahiyangana, Sita was abducted by King Ravana & brought her in his plane, the Pushpaka Vimana to Weragantota & held captive at Sita Kottuwa.
Askok Vatika – King Ravana, moved her from Sita Kottuwa to Ashok Vatika, pleasure garden of King Ravana, located in Nuwara Eliya, near Hakgala Gardens.
Sita Eliya Kovil – near Hakgala Gardens is believed to mark the spot where Sita prayed for Rama to rescue her while in captivity.
Hakgala – means ‘Jaw rock’, legend has it that Hanuman carried the Jaw Rock from Himalayas in his jaw.
Ravana Ella cave – Located @ Ella near Ravana Falls(1080 ft), Ravana hid Sita in one of the caves.
Divurampola – Means a place of oath, Sita Devi was liberated from Ravana, underwent a test to prove her chastity by offering herself to the fire.
Munneswaram Temple, Chilaw – Lord Rama after his victorious battle left for Ayodhya in one of Ravana’s vimana. He felt that he was being followed by Brahhassthi Dosham as he has killed Ravana who is a Bramin. At this place he felt bramahashthi dosham is not following him, he stopped the vimana & prayed to God Shiva. Lord Shiva blessed him and demanded he install four lingams, and pray to get rid of the doshams.
Manawari Temple, Chilaw – Manawari is the first lingam installed & prayed by Lord Rama and this lingam is called Ramalinga Shivam.
Gayathri Peedum – is believed to be that place from where King Ravana’s son Meganath propitiated Lord Shiva with penance & poojas and in return was blessed with supernatural powers.
Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple, Ramboda – A place where Hanuman searched for Sita Devi. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman & was built by the Chin Maya Mission of Sri Lanka.
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Sita Kottuwa   Askok Vatika   Seetha Amman Temple
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Divurampola   Manawari Temple, Chilaw   Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple, Ramboda
Other Ramayana sights of interest:
Ritigala/Ravanagoda/Wariyapola/Ussangoda/Ellakagala/Rumassala/ Haresbedde/Hiripitiya.
All these places could be covered in a tour of 10 days/09 nights.