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Tours >> Magnatic North (Jaffna)
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Magnatic North (Jaffna)
NOW! The visitor to the island could visit Jaffna Peninsula, which was unopened for the last thirty years due to civil war. All travel restrictions lifted for foreigners & locals. All roads re-constructed, hotels built and Jaffna is becoming a major destination in the island. Jaffna is famous for its rich cultural heritage, salubrious climate & could be reached by air or land.
Major attractions in Jaffna
Jaffna Fort Murikandy Pilliyar Temple
Public Library Keerimalai
Nallur Temple Nilawari
Naga Poosani Ambal Kovil St.James Church
Nagadeepa Casurina Beach
whales Jaffna Public Library
This is one of most significant attractions in Jaffna city and it is built in accordance with Hindu architecture.
whales Nallur Hindu Temple
Opens from 6:00 am to 5:00pm. Men will be required to remove their top clothing to enter.
whales Nagadeepa Temple

Nagadeepa is one of the small islands in the north. Most of the other islands are joined by land but to get to Nagadeepa you need to resort to a boat ride. From Jaffna town this is a good one hour journey, to the end of the road. Nagadeepa is very important to Buddhists as it was a place lord buddha visited.

Naga Vihara international buddhist center in Stanley Road , Jaffna.
Kandarodei (Kadurugoda) mini buddhist stupa complex (situated in Jaffna – Kankasanturei road , go up to Chunnakam Junction, turn left and proceed another 3 km)
whales Keerimalai
Keerimalai is a natural spring lying next to the sea west of Palaly. A bathing pool is constructed for the Hindus, as they believe the water contains curative powers.
whales Nilaveri Well
Nilaveri well is of unknown depth & is  believed to be made by Lord Hanuman’s arrow(Ramayana).