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It is difficult to arrive at a solid conclusion as regards the period of existence of indigenous medicine; popularity known as Ayurveda system of medicine, both curative & preventive. Undoubtedly and unquestionably, this indigenous medicine was being practiced from time immemorial up to the present-day with absolute success in Sri Lanka . Its origin has had its roots is remote villages descending from generation to generation closely & secretively concealing certain aspects of medical knowledge. As it promotes good health, many Sri Lankans administer various indigenous medicines for many an ailment.
Treatment Procedures
Enumerate below are some of the treatment procedures and treatment modules adopted at the health center.

arrow Neutralizing or Detoxification
  To ensures or nullify the bad effects of toxins and impurities in the system
arrow Cleansing or Eliminate
To expel the provoked Vatha, Kapha (doshas) by suitable panchakaram procedure.
arrow Weight Control
  Specific herbal medication and diet are prescribed following a special time of treatment
arrow Augmenting the body resistance to illness

Rejuvenating non-toxic medicaments are prescribed to be taken daily for stipulated number of days

arrow Yoga
  Yoga Asanas, Pranayama and bhavana (Meditation) are taught by competent teachers
arrow Specific Medicament
  Specific medication which are non-toxtic and time teasted are prescribed by competent doctors for minor and uncomplicated disorders.
Treatments module
Having diagnosed the "State of health" the doctor would identify and recommend the appropriate treatment module ot enhance th efficacy of the "Treatment Procedures" are identify
arrow Head Massage
  To nourish the scalp and enhance growth of hair
arrow Shirodhara or Shiraseka
  To induce sleep and release Stress
arrow Picchill
  To soothe and to relieve inflammatory condition of the scalp
arrow Parisheka
  To relieve burning sensation of the body
arrow Full body Massage
  To Impart strength, good complextion and longevity. Relieve fatigue and induces good sleep
arrow Massage of upper/lower limbs
  To relieve aches and pains, eases muscular spasms and muscular rheumatism
arrow Face Massage
  To nourish the facial muscles and to improve complextion
arrow Face Packs
  To cleanse, moisturise and soothe the skin
arrow Akshitarpana
  The special eye-bath nourishes the eyes and enhance the eye sight
arrow Netraparisheka
  The cleansing of the eyes and soothe irrtated eyes, it is also cooling
arrow Netrapinidi
  Placing of special medicated eye-pack. it soothe irritated eyes, nourishes and relaxs tired eyes
arrow Pinda Sweda
  A special procedure of sudation. It includes sweet, removes stiffness of joints amd make the supple. Cleaness the body channels. it is invigorating and restorative.
arrow Parisheka Sweda
  To produce sweat and cleaness the body of its toxins
arrow Avagahasweda
  This type of sudation is indicated for lumbago, sciatica and to relieve renal pain
arrow Naadl Sweda
  To direct regulated steam to localised areas to relieve pains by means of special apparatus
arrow Kuti Sweda
  Similar to sauna. Used to reduce weight. it used with care under the supervision of the physician
arrow Steam Bath
  The body is made to sweat in a special chamber. It is indicated to reduce body weight and fat
arrow Herbal Bath
  To alleviate certain skin disorders, remove toxin and relieve pain. it refreshes and invigorates the human body
arrow Sun Bath
  To invigorate your body
arrow Fasting
  To clean, detoxify and augment the "Agni" Various other auxiliary method are prescribed.
Specialised Ayurveda indigenous food dishes & Sri Lankan delicacies conducive to human health and well-being in addition to Internationl and western delicacies are availble at one's request & choice.
A herbal bath
Flower bath
An ayurvedic face pack  
A herbal bathA herbal bath
Flower bathFlower bath
An ayurvedic face packAn ayurvedic face pack
Back oil filled
A foot massage
A foot massageA foot massage
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Centuries of Ayurveda Heritage of Hettigoda Family
Ayurveda is the knowledge that indicates the appropriate and inappropriate, happy or sorrowful conditions of living, what is auspicious or inauspicious for longevity, as well as the measure of life itself.
Charaka Samhita

A wide range of traditional treatments for Dry skin, Asthma, Gynecological problems, Urinary problems, Catarrh, Arthritis, Weight reducing and Detoxification programmes by specially qualified Ayurvedic Doctors using pure natural herbal ingredients for medication also Head & Body Massage , Herbal Baths, Oil Therapy, Sauna, Foot Massage, Facials by qualified Therapists.
arrow Siddhalepa Hospital at Mt.Lavinia (10Kms from Colombo) for Indoor or Outdoor patients with 24 hours service.
arrow Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort at Wadduwm. (45 Kms from Colombo)
arrow Siddhalepa Day Spa at Wijerama Road, Colombo 07.